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One person detained suspected for a terrorist offence for the incident in central Stockholm on Friday

[2017-04-11] Stockholms tingsrätt

Stockholm District Court has today issued a detention order for a person suspected for a terrorist offence in relation to the incident on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm on Friday.

Prosecution shall be instituted by 11 May. If the time prescribed is inadequate, the prosecutor may ask for an extension of the time period. The court will then decide whether to accept the extension of the period or not.

Requests for documents in court files are directed to and questions about the case are directed to Senior Judge Malou Lindblom. 

For general questions about the Swedish Courts or the Swedish judicial system please see the court’s webpage. Questions can also be directed to judges of the media group at the Swedish Courts.

Senast ändrad: 2017-04-11

För mer information kontakta:

Malou Lindblom
Senior Judge
+46 8 561 653 75


Case number B 4708-17