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Julian Assange remains detained in absentia

[2016-05-25] Stockholms tingsrätt

Stockholm district court has today ruled that Julian Assange will remain detained in absentia

JA has been detained in absentia since 18 November 2010. The detention order has not been executed. Since 19 June 2012 JA has been staying at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he has applied for and been granted political asylum.

The district court finds that there is still probable cause for the suspicion against JA for rape, less serious incident, and that there is still a risk that he will depart or in some other way evade prosecution or penalty.

Whereas JA would not appear at a hearing and no new circumstances has been presented in the case the district court has not considered it necessary to hold a new hearing.

Unlike the UN Worging Group on Arbitrary Detention the district court does not consider JA’s stay att the Embassy of Ecuador in London a form of detention. The prosecutors have applied for the aid of Ecuador to carry out questioning of JA at the embassy and the district court has no reason to doubt that such questionings will take place. The district court finds that the interest of enabling investigation of the crime JA is suspected of by way of questioning him outweighs the intrusion or harm the detention order causes JA. There are therefore grounds for JA to remain detained in absentia.

An English translation of the district court’s decision will be available during next week. 


Senast ändrad: 2016-05-25

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Case number: B 12885-10 (Division 1)