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Information regarding the case of suspected terrorist crime at Drottninggatan in Stockholm on April 7th 2017 (B 4708-17).

The time limit for the prosecutor to bring charges in the case is set to January 23rd 2018. The charge is expected to arrive at the end of January 2018. The main hearing is scheduled to commence in February 2018. Senior judge Ragnar Palmkvist and judge Carl Rosenmüller will be the presiding judges during the main hearing. 

A timetable for the main hearing will be posted on the website. It will be updated on a regular basis during the main hearing. 

The main hearing is public but the space for audience in the court room, and the adjoining room, is limited. To be able to estimate the need for seating representatives from the media are requested to fill in a form that will be posted on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. You will find the link to the form on this page shortly. The District Court will thereafter decide on the allocation of seats.

Requests for documents in court files and questions are directed to and to court clerk Tobias Franzén, +46 8 561 65 382, and law clerk Boel Hilding Berggren, +46 8 561 65 251. 

For general questions about the Swedish Courts or the Swedish judicial system please read more here. Questions can also be directed to judges of the media group at the Swedish Courts.

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